Dave's Place

(Founded 2014)

A place for people to meet who share
an interest in non-mainstream music,
and a desire to talk about it.
Simple as that.

The Regulars

Dave Mullan

Dave is a hairy animal who frequently does web-related things, and is almost a writer, musician, and artist. On occasion, he bumbles onstage to introduce actual writers, musicians and artists.

He also vapes like a lunatic, and drinks entirely too much coffee.

His wife says hello (and would also like to point out that Dave vapes entirely too much, and coffee makes him a lunatic).

Ruben Olsen Lærk

Ruben is a music loving guy who likes to take photographs of real musicians with photo equipment not really meant for the task (but the results do make for something different).

Ruben has stated that he has no use for musical labels. To him music has tone, colour, beats, smoothness, temperature, energy, and so on.

As a published author, he does like to write stuff - and now also stuff about music.

From time to time he even dabbles with his Kaossilator Pro, Tenorion and his Electribe MX - however, the results are strictly for internal use. He wishes for either a system from Doepfer, MOTM, PAiA or Analogue Systems - acutally, he wants them all, but will settle for less as long as it makes pling-plong-shhhh sounds. To make all things play nicely with each other, he own a 16 port patch panel (with an assorted number of coloured patching cables) along with Live 9 Suite and the APC40.

Jon Trygve Utne

Jon Trygve is a nerdy character who works on highly available IT systems and loves mountain hiking and good music, either separately or at the same time.

His knowledge of music is exceptional due to his proprietary cybernetic implants.

Like the other Dave's Place regulars, he also enjoys good food, and can probably tell you the best places to eat in any city you care to mention (again, probably a bonus from those implants).

David Welsh

Apart from the music of Norway, David's hobbies include collecting blondes in bottles and brass rubbings of Parisian manhole covers. His ideal  job would be steam-cleaning wheelie bins.

His musical knowledge also extends beyond the borders of Norway, but he's enjoying himself there at the minute, so who are we to spoil his fun?

Nitya Nadesan

Nitya is the in-house DJ, and curator of the web radio channel, Sonic Universe (could someone add a Wikipedia disambiguation page, please? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with a blue hedgehog with a dodgy voice and equally dodgy eating habits - Dave). Most of the music on Sonic Universe comes from Nitya's personal collection. In addition to his large CD and LP library, he's developed relationships with artists who have provided him with rare live soundboard recordings. He attends local jazz festivals (Bellevue, WA, Portland, OR, Vancouver BC) and also regularly attends the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, Norway.

Although SomaFM broadcasts from San Francisco, Nitya programs from his home near Seattle, WA.

Nitya is originally from Minneapolis but has lived in Seattle for over 40 years. He grew up in a home where jazz music was always playing, and began collecting jazz albums at age 12.

Now, at age 13+, he enters yet another aspect of the wibbly wobbly web to share his musical choices.

Listen to Sonic Universe now:

Emmanuel Reymond

Not working class, not hero, but deadly trying to be both.
In the meantime, listens to a handful of music.

Stephen "Smik" Smith

A man of infinite resource and sagacity, with fully working ears and a hirsutely carotene-rich vocabulary.

Chequered shirt optional.

Kevin Briggs

Kev has over recent years become a punktaholic (great phrase Dave) ever since going to Punkt 2008 at Kings Place in London.

As well as all things punkt he fills his house with the sounds of YMO, Bill Nelson, David Sylvian, Durutti Column, Harold Budd  and fills his walls with Jean Cocteau art.
Loves wine but big toe hates gout. Ive had a Zoom R8 since Christmas and have yet to get a single noise out of it.

Loves going to concerts with the loverlee Diane

The Irregulars

If you wish to join in and submit a piece to Dave's Place (and become a "Dave's Place Irregular" - which could of course lead to becoming a "Regular"), just use the contact form, that can be found HERE.

Contributions are never edited or modified without consultation.

No remuneration for submissions  is offered at this time.

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